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Thursday, October 24, 2019

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Program Overview




Program Detailed


Planary Speakers -  Aula Magna


Tuesday, September 3

BAAI - Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Students Session

Room: Rectorate Building Hall

10:30:12:30  and also 17:15-18:30

 Inferring Commuting Routes and Transportation Modes from Call Detail Record, Joel Pires

-   A MAS Simulation Model for Trusted Local Energy Markets, Rui Andrade

-   Latent Context-aware Recommender Systems, Maria de Abreu

-   Dialogue System based on Semantic Textual Similarity, José Santos

-   Feature-based Time Series Classification for Service Request Opening Prediction in the Telecom Industry, Fabiola Pereira

-   Ordinal regression for stress levels classification inreal-world scenarios, Tiago Almeida

-   Learning to Rank with Random Forest:a case study in hostel reservations, Carolina Moreira

-   Data Markets: A Multi-agent System Platform for Cooperative and Competitive Distributed Machine Learning, Hajar Bagcheband

-   Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency 5G Communications in Autonomous Vehicular Networks, Amir Hossein Farzamiyan


DSAI - Doctorate Symposium on Artificial Intelligence

Room: Auditório 2


10:30     AI as a user of copyrighted work

             Dominika Galajdová

10:50     Predicting Market Movement Using Web Textual Content

             Carla Abreu, Henrique Lopes Cardoso and Eugénio Oliveira

11:10     Smart Human Mobility in Smart Cities

             Luís Rosa, Cesar Analide and Fábio Silva

11:30     Comparison of Lexemes in Angolan and European Portuguese with the Help of Text Mining Techniques

             Timóteo Muhongo


BAAI - Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Room: Auditório 1         Chair: Célia Talma

14:00     A Recommender System for Telecommunication Operators' Campaigns

             Diogo Alves, Bruno Valente, Ricardo Filipe, Maria Castro and Luís Macedo

14:20     Improving the AHT in Telecommunication Companies by Automatic Modeling of Call Center Service

             Henrique Neto, Rita Júlia, Elaine Paiva, André De Carvalho, Anisio Júnior, Diansley Peres, Etienne Júlia, Jony de Melo, Umberto Barcelos and Josiane de Assis

14:40     Comparing Machine Learning and Statistical Process Control for Predicting Manufacturing Performance

             Sibusiso Khoza and Jacomine Grobler

15:00     Feature-based Time Series Classification for Service Request Opening Prediction in the Telecom Industry

             Fabiola S. F. Pereira, André C. P. L. F. De Carvalho, Rafael Assis, Maxley Soares, Elaine R. Faria, Rita Júlia, Umberto Barcelos and Jony Melo

15:20     A Diversity Based Multi-objective Hyper-heuristic for the FJSP with Sequence-Dependent Set-Up Times, Auxiliary Resources and Machine Down Time

             Jacomine Grobler

15:40     Sequence and Network Mining of Touristic Routes based on Flickr Geotagged Photos

             Ana Silva, Pedro Campos and Carlos Ferreira


GAI-1 - General Artificial Intelligence

Room:  Auditório 2       Chair: Paulo Novais

14:00     Determining emotional profile based on microblogging analysis

             Ricardo Martins, Pedro Henriques and Paulo Novais

14:20     MNAR Imputation with Distributed Healthcare Data

             Ricardo Cardoso Pereira, Miriam Seoane Santos, Pedro Pereira Rodrigues and Pedro Henriques Abreu

14:40     A Divide and Conquer Approach to Automatic Music Transcription using Neural Networks

             André Gil, Carlos Grilo, Gustavo Reis and Patrício Domingues

15:00     Simple LSTM: A Deep-Learning Approach to Simple-Claims Classification

             Piyush Chawla, Diego Esteves, Karthik Pujar and Jens Lehmann

15:20     Analysing the Footprint of Classifiers in Adversarial Denial of Service Contexts

             Nuno Martins, José Cruz, Tiago Cruz and Pedro Abreu

15:40     The Regression Tsetlin Machine: A Tsetlin Machine for Continuous Output Problems

             Kuruge D. Abeyrathna, Ole-Christoffer Granmo, Lei Jiao and Morten Goodwin


TEMA-1 - Text Mining and Applications

Room: Aula Magna        Chair: Joaquim Silva

14:00     Exploring textual features for multi-label classification of Portuguese film synopses

             Giuseppe Portolese, Valeria Feltrim and Marcos A. Domingues

14:20     Using Recurrent Neural Networks for Semantic Role Labeling in Portuguese

             Daniel H. M. Falci, Marco A. C. Soares, Wladmir C. Brandão and Fernando S. Parreiras

14:40     Evaluating Active Learning Sampling Strategies for Opinion Mining in Brazilian Politics Corpora

             Douglas Vitório, Ellen Souza and Adriano L. I. Oliveira

15:00     Exploring Multi-label Stacking in Natural Language Processing

             Rodrigo M. Nunes, Valéria D. Feltrim and Marcos A. Domingues

15:20     Exploring Emojis for Emotion Recognition in Portuguese texts

             Luís Duarte, Hugo Oliveira and Luis Macedo

15:40     Improving the Classification of Q&A Content for Android Fragmentation using Named Entity Recognition

             Adriano Rocha and Marcelo Maia


TEMA-2 - Text Mining and Applications

Room: Aula Magna        Chair: Joaquim Silva

16:30     Recognizing Humor in Portuguese: First Steps

             André Clemêncio, Ana Alves and Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira

16:50     The Direct Path May Not Be The Best: Portuguese-Chinese Neural Machine Translation

             Rodrigo Santos, João Silva, António Branco and Deyi Xiong

17:10     Using Recurrent Neural Networks for Toponym Resolution in Text

             Ana Cardoso, Bruno Martins and Jacinto Estima


H2020 C&FO - H2020 Artificial Intelligence Challenges and Funding Opportunities 

Room:  Auditório 2       

16:30-17:30     Marta Candeias, Agência Nacional de Inovação (ANI)


BAAI - Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Industry Session

Room: Auditório 1    Chair: Carlos Soares    

16:30    How AI is changing marketing in banking business, Amélia Goulão, Millennium BCP

16:50    Impact of AI in Online Fraud , João Pena Gil, ITSECTOR


Portuguese AI - Portuguese Artificial Intelligence Strategic Discussion

Room:  Auditório 2       

17:30-18:30     To be Completed.


Wednesday, September 4


IROBOT - Intelligent Robotics

Room: Aula Magna        Chair: Nuno Lau

9:00       Online Optimization of Movement Cost for Robotic Applications of PSO

             Sebastian Mai, Heiner Zille, Christoph Steup and Sanaz Mostaghim

9:20       Path planning algorithms benchmarking for grapevines pruning and monitoring

             Sandro Magalhães, Filipe Santos, Rui Martins, Luís Rocha and José Brito

9:40       Monocular Visual Odometry Using Fisheye Lens Cameras

             André Aguiar, Filipe Santos, Luís Santos and Armando Sousa

10:00     A Comparison Procedure for IMUs Performance

             Tiago Mendonça, Diana Guimarães, António P. Moreira and Paulo Costa

10:20     Application of the Open Scalable Production System to Machine Tending of Additive Manufacturing operations by a Mobile Manipulator

             Rafael Arrais, Tiago Ribeiro, Daniel Oliveira, Ramon Fernandes, André Conceição, Paulo Farias and Germano Veiga

10:40     Do You Trust Me? Investigating the Formation of Trust in Social Robots

             Mojgan Hashemian, Raul Paradeda, Carla Guerra and Ana Paiva


SSM - Social Simulation and Modelling

Room: Auditório 1         Chair: Luís Antunes

9:00       Reflections on Social Simulation and Complexity

             Helder Coelho

9:20       Emergency evacuation simulation in open air events using a floor field cellular automata model

             Dionysios Strongylis, Charalampos Kouzinopoulos, Georgios Stavropoulos, Konstantinos Votis and Dimitrios Tzovaras

9:40       Agent-based Simulation of Local Soy Value Chains in Ghana

             Tim Verwaart, Youri Dijkxhoorn, Christine Plaisier and Coen van Wagenberg


AIL - Artificial Intelligence and Law

Room: Auditório 1        Chair: Pedro Freitas,  Co-Chair: Massimo Durante

10:00     Learning from Monkeys: Authorship Issues arising from AI Technology

             Jacopo Ciani

10:20     Legal Implications of Autonomous Vehicles: What We Know So Far and What’s Left to Work On

             Beatriz Assunção Ribeiro, Helder Coelho, Elisabete F. E. Dias Pereira and João Branquinho

10:40     The role of Artificial Intelligence in the European e-Justice paradigm – suiting effective judicial protection demands      

             Joana Covelo de Abreu


AIoTA-1 - Artificial Intelligence and IoT in Agriculture

Room:  Auditório 2       Chair: José Boaventura Cunha, Co-chair: Raul Morais

9:00       Vineyard segmentation from satellite imagery using machine learning

             Luís Santos, Filipe N. Santos, Vitor Filipe and Pranjali Shinde

9:20       Estimation of vineyard productivity map using cost-effective LIDAR sensor

             Pedro Moura, Daniela Ribeiro, Filipe Neves Dos Santos, Alberto Gomes, Ricardo Baptista and Mário Cunha

9:40       An Image-based Deep Learning Model for Cannabis Diseases, Nutrient Deficiencies and Pests Identification

             Konstantinos Ferentinos, Myrto Barda and Dave Damer

10:00     Detection of Tomato Flowers from Greenhouse Images using Colorspace Transformations

             Manya Afonso, Angelo Mencarelli, Gerrit Polder, Ron Wehrens, Dick Lensink and Nanne Faber

10:20     Metbots: Metabolomics Robots for Precision Viticulture

             Rui Martins, Sandro Magalhães, Pedro Jorge, Teresa Barroso and Filipe Santos

10:40     Nature inspired metaheuristics and their applications in agriculture: A short review

             Jorge Mendes, Paulo Moura Oliveira, Filipe Santos and Raul Morais 


Keynote Presentation: Marco Dorigo 

Room: Aula Magna       Chair:  Luís Paulo Reis



KDBI-1 - Knowledge Discovery and Business Intelligence

Room: Auditório 1        Chair:  Paulo Cortez

14:00     A Context-Aware Recommender Method based on Text Mining

             Camila Vaccari Sundermann, Renan De Pádua, Vítor Rodrigues Tonon, Marcos Aurélio Domingues and Solange Oliveira Rezende

14:20     Using Neuroevolution for Predicting Mobile Marketing Conversion

             Pedro Pereira, Pedro Pinto, Paulo Cortez, Rui Mendes and Antoine Moreau

14:40     Discovering Common Pathways Across Users' Habits in Mobility Data

             Thiago Andrade, Brais Cancela and João Gama

15:00     Mining Exceptional Social Behaviour     

             Carolina Centeio-Jorge, Martin Atzmueller, Behzad M. Heravi, Jenny L. Gibson, Cláudio Rebelo de Sá and Rosaldo Rossetti

15:20     Extracting actionable knowledge to increase business utility in sport services        

             Paulo Pinheiro and Luís Cavique


GAI-2 - General Artificial Intelligence

Room: Aula Magna         Chair: Luís Paulo Reis

14:00     Automatic Switching Between Video and Audio According to Users Context

             Paulo Ferreira, João Cardoso and João Mendes-Moreira

14:20     An Adaptive and Transferable Dialog Management System for Social Aware Task Execution

             Antonio Capela, Samuel Mascarenhas, Pedro Santos and Manuel Lopes

14:40     Energy Efficient Smartphone-based Users Activity Classification

             Ricardo Magalhães, João Cardoso and João Mendes-Moreira

15:00     Learning Regularization Parameters of Radial Basis Functions in Embedded Likelihoods Space

             Murilo V. Ferreira Menezes, Luiz C. Bambirra Torres and Antônio De Pádua Braga

15:20     Using Deep Learning Techniques for Authentication of Amadeo de Souza Cardoso Paintings and Drawings         

             Ailin Chen, Rui Jesus and Marcia Villarigues


MASTA - MultiAgent Systems: Theory and Applications

Room:  Auditório 2       Chair: Henrique Lopes Cardoso

14:00     Self-adaptive Team of Aquatic Drones with a Communication Network for Aquaculture

             Daniela Sousa, Susana Sargento, Artur Pereira and Miguel Luís

14:20     Assessment of Testability on Multiagent Systems Developed with Organizational Model  Moise

             Eder Mateus Gonçalves, Bruno Coelho Rodrigues and Ricardo Arend

14:40     Fair Division Minimizing Inequality

             Martin Aleksandrov, Toby Walsh and Cunjing Ge

15:00     Semantic Web Services for Multi-Agent Systems Interoperability

             Alda Canito, Gabriel Santos, Juan Corchado, Goreti Marreiros and Zita Vale

15:20     Ising Model as a Switch Voting Mechanism in Collective Perception    

             Palina Bartashevich and Sanaz Mostaghim


AmIA - Ambient Intelligence and Affective Environments

Room: Auditório 1        Chair: Goreti Marreiros

16:00     Analyzing User Experiences in Incorporated Fictionality

             Tatsuo Nakajima, Risa Kimura, Fumiko Ishizawa and Mizuki Sakamoto

16:20     The Influence of Age and Gender in the Interaction with Touch Screens

             Rodrigo Rocha, Davide Carneiro and Paulo Novais

16:40     Agent-based Education Environment in Museums

             Ichiro Satoh

17:00     Describing Interfaces in the framework of Adaptive Interface Ecosystems

             Antonio Sánchez, Elena Hernández Nieves, Sara Rodríguez, Fernando De La Prieta and Juan Manuel Corchado

17:20     A Conceptual Approach to Enhance the Well-Being of Elderly People

             Diogo Martinho, João Carneiro, Paulo Novais, José Neves, Juan Corchado and Goreti Marreiros

17:40     Blended Learning in Smart Learning Environments

             Peter Mikulecky

18:00     Facial virtual tracking: a system to mirror emotions

             Pedro Santos, Vinicius Silva, Filomena Soares and Alberto Simões


ALEA - Artificial Life and Evolutionary Algorithms

Room: Aula Magna         Chair: Ivo Gonçalves

16:00     Benchmarking Collective Perception: New Task Difficulty Metrics for Collective Decision-Making

             Palina Bartashevich and Sanaz Mostaghim

16:20     Maximum Search Limitations: Boosting Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization Exploration

             Mário Tasso Serra, Marco Mollinetti, Vladimiro Miranda and Leonel Carvalho

16:40     Interval Differential Evolution Using Structural Information of Global Optimization Problems

             Mariane Cassenote, Guilherme Derenievicz and Fabiano Silva

17:00     Hierarchical Classification of Transposable Elements with a Weighted Genetic Algorithm

             Gean Pereira, Paulo Gabriel and Ricardo Cerri

17:20     Comparison of Genetic Algorithms and Particle Swarm Optimization to Estimate Cluster-based Kriging Parameters

             Carlos Takeshi Yasojima, Tiago Araujo, Bianchi Meiguins, Nelson Neto and Jefferson Morais

17:40     A 3-step Cartesian Genetic Programming for Designing Combinational Logic Circuits with Multiplexers

             Jose Eduardo da Silva and Heder Bernardino

18:00     Extending Local Search in Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming

             Mauro Castelli, Luca Manzoni, Luca Mariot and Martina Saletta


AIM - Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Room:   Auditório 2      Chair: Manuel Filipe Santos

16:00     Heart Sounds Classification Using Images from Wavelet Transformation         

             Diogo Nogueira, Mohammad Zarmehri, Carlos Ferreira, Alípio Jorge and Luís Antunes

16:20     A Multi-Modal Deep Learning Method for Classifying Chest Radiology Exams

             Nelson Nunes, Bruno Martins, Nuno André da Silva, Francisca Leite and Mário Silva

16:40     Named Entity Recognition in Portuguese Neurology Text using CRF

             Fábio Lopes, César Teixeira and Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira

17:00     Intelligent Control of an Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation Purposes using a ROS-based Software Architecture

             Nieves Pavon-Pulido, Juan Antonio López Riquelme and Jorge Feliu Batlle

17:20     Comparison of Conventional and Deep Learning based Methods for Pulmonary Nodule Segmentation in CT Images

             Joana Rocha, António Cunha and Ana Maria Mendonça

17:40     Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Promoting Behaviour Change in Older People with T2D

             João Balsa, Pedro Neves, Isa Félix, Mara Pereira Guerreiro, Pedro Alves, Maria Beatriz Carmo, Diogo Marques, António Dias, Adriana Henriques and Ana Paula Cláudio

18:00     Towards to use Image Mining to predict skin problems - A melanoma case study

             Pamela Coelho, Cláudio Gonçalves, Filipe Portela and Manuel Filipe Santos


Thursday, September 5


KRR - Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Room:  Auditório 1       Chair: Matthias Knorr     Co-chair: Ricardo Gonçalves

9:00       On Unordered BDDs and  Quantified Boolean Formulas

             Mikolas Janota

9:20       Using Summarization Techniques on Patent Database through Computational Intelligence

             Cinthia Souza, Matheus Santos, Magali Meireles and Paulo Almeida

9:40       A Complete Planner for Temporal Answer Set Programming

             Pedro Cabalar, Manuel Rey and Concepcion Vidal

10:00     An Argumentative Characterization of Disjunctive Logic Programming

             Ofer Arieli and Jesse Heyninck

10:20     Computing Shortest Resolution Proofs

             Carlos Mencía and João Marques-Silva

10:40     Forgetting in Answer-Set Programming with Anonymous Cycles

             Matti Berthold, Ricardo Gonçalves, Matthias Knorr and João Leite


KDBI-2 - Knowledge Discovery and Business Intelligence

Room:   Aula Magna      Chair: Luís Cavique

9:00       Online Clustering For Novelty Detection And Concept Drift in Data Streams

             Kemilly Dearo Garcia, Mannes Poel, Joost N. Kok and André C.P.L.F de Carvalho

9:20       Sibilant consonants classification with deep neural networks

             Ivo Anjos, Nuno Marques, Margarida Grilo, Isabel Guimarães, João Magalhães and Sofia Cavaco

9:40       Visual Analysis of Regression Error

             Inês Areosa and Luis Torgo

10:00     Discovering Analytical Preferences for Personalizing What-If Scenarios

             Mariana Carvalho and Orlando Belo

10:20     Semantic Segmentation of  High-Resolution Aerial Imagery with W-Net Models

             Maria Dias, João Monteiro, Joel Silva, Jacinto Estima and Bruno Martins


AITS-1 - Artificial Intelligence in Transportation Systems

Room:  Auditório 2       Chair: Rosaldo Rossetti

9:00       VDS Data-based Deep Learning Approach for Traffic Forecasting using LSTM Network

             Hongsuk Yi and Khac-Hoai Nam Bui

9:20       A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Smart Lane Changes of Self-Driving Cars

             Fangmin Ye, Long Wang, Yibing Wang, Jingqiu Guo, Ioannis Papamichail and Markos Papageorgiou

9:40       LSTM-Based Anomaly Detection: Detection Rules from Extreme Value Theory

             Neema Davis, Gaurav Raina and Krishna Jagannathan

10:00     Neural Network based Large Neighborhood Search Algorithm for Ride Hailing Services

             Arslan Ali Syed, Karim Akhnoukh, Bernd Kaltenhaeuser and Klaus Bogenberger

10:20     Predicting Air Compressor Failures Using Long Short Term Memory Networks

             Kunru Chen, Sepideh Pashami, Yuantao Fan and Slawomir Nowaczyk

10:40     Travel Demand Forecasting: an Evolutionary Learning Approach

               Chaima A. K. Djellab, Walid Chaker and Henda H. B. Ghezala


Keynote Presentation: Michael Wooldridge

Room: Aula Magna       Chair:  Paulo Novais



APPIA Meeting

Room: Aula Magna        

14:00     Meeting organized by APPIA society for its members.


Friday, September 6

AITS-2 - Artificial Intelligence in Transportation Systems

Room: Auditório 1        Chair: Alberto Fernández Gil

9:00       Camera Calibration for CNN based Generic Obstacle Detection

             Radu Danescu and Razvan Itu

9:20       Counting Cars From Aerial Videos Using Deep Learning

             Caio Polidoro, Wellington Castro, Jose Marcato, Geison Salgado Filho and Edson Matsubara

9:40       How the Quality of Call Detail Records Influences the Detection of Commuting Patterns

             Joel Pires, Aldina Piedade, Marco Veloso, Santi Phithakkitnukoon, Zbigniew Smoreda and Carlos Bento

10:00     Warranty Claim Rate Prediction using Logged Vehicle Data

             Reza Khoshkangini, Sepideh Pashami and Slawomir Nowaczyk

10:20     Anomaly Detection in Vehicle Traffic Data using Batch and Stream Supervised Learning

             David Faial, Flavia Bernardini, Leandro Miranda and José Viterbo

10:40     Predicting the impact of text-reading using decision trees  

             Eftihia Nathanail, Panos Prevedouros, Md Mintu Miah and Rafaela De Melo Barros


AIPES-1 - Artificial Intelligence in Power and Energy Systems

Room: Aula Magna        Chair: Tiago Pinto

9:00       Explorative Spatial Data Mining for Energy Technology Adoption and Policy Design Analysis

             Fabian Heymann, Filipe Joel Soares, Pablo Duenas and Vladimiro Miranda

9:20       Distributed Constrained Optimization Towards Effective Agent-based Microgrid Energy Resource Management

             Fernando Lezama, Enrique Munoz de Cote, Alessandro Farinelli, Joao Soares, Tiago Pinto and Zita Vale

9:40       A Fuzzy System Applied to Photovoltaic Generator Management Aimed to Reduce Electricity Bill

             Marcos Sousa and Filipe Saraiva

10:00     Demonstration of an Energy Consumption Forecasting System for Energy Management in Buildings

             Aria Jozi, Daniel Ramos, Luís Gomes, Pedro Faria, Tiago Pinto and Zita Vale

10:20     Smart Home appliances usage recommendation using multi-objective optimization

             Allan Feitosa, Henrique Lacerda and Abel Silva-Filho


AIoTA-2 - Artificial Intelligence and IoT in Agriculture

Room:   Auditório 2      Chair: Raul Morais Co-Chair: José Boaventura

9:00       On KNoT meta platform for IoT-based Control of Storage Grains

             João Quaresma, Josenalde Oliveira and José Boaventura Cunha

9:20       Grapevine Varieties Classification Using Machine Learning

             Pedro Marques, Luís Pádua, Telmo Adão, Jonáš Hruška, José Sousa, Emanuel Peres, Joaquim Sousa, Raul Morais and António Sousa

9:40       Cyberphysical network for crop monitoring and fertigation control

             João Paulo Coelho, Higor Vendramini Rosse, José Boaventura-Cunha and Tatiana Martins Pinho

10:00     Soil Classification Based on Physical and Chemical Properties Using Random Forests

             Didier Dias, Bruno Martins, João Pires, Luis de Sousa and Carlos Damásio

10:20     Low-cost IoT LoRa solutions for Precision Agriculture monitoring practices

             Nuno Silva, Jorge Mendes, Renato Silva, Filipe Santos, Pedro Mestre, Carlos Serôdio and Raul Morais

10:40     A low-cost system to estimate Leaf Area Index combining Stereo Images and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

             Jorge Mendes, Vítor Filipe, Filipe Santos and Raul Morais


Keynote Presentation: Alfred Bifet

Room: Aula Magna       Chair:  Paulo Moura Oliveira



Societal AI Panel

From AI to Super-AI? Myths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats

Room: Aula Magna     Chair: Goreti Marreiros       

14:00     Information regarding the speakers of this session can be found in the previous link.  


AI4GAMES - Artificial Intelligence for Games

Room: Auditório 1         Chair: Gustavo Reis    Co-Chair: Alberto Simões

15:00     Reinforcement Learning in Multi-Agent Games: Open AI Gym Diplomacy Environment 

             José Aleixo Cruz, Diogo Cruz and Henrique Lopes Cardoso

15:20     Voxel based Pathfinding with Jumping for Games

             Gabriel Silva, Gustavo Reis and Carlos Grilo     

15:40     Solving Motion and Action Planning for a Cooperative Agent Problem using Geometry Friends

             Ana Salta, Rui Prada and Francisco Melo

16:00     Spatio-Temporal Attention Deep Recurrent Q-Network for POMDPs

             Mariano Etchart, Pawel Ladosz and David Mulvaney


AIPES- 2 - Dominoes Summer School

Room: Aula Magna        Chair: Zita Vale, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal

15:00   System architecture and ecosystem interoperability enabling AI-driven solutions

David Hästbacka, Tampere University, Finland

15:20   The Increasing Threat of Collusion in Deregulated Electricity Markets

          Danial Esmaeli, Sabanci University, Turkey;

15:40   The role of AI in structured energy markets 

          Jan Segerstam, Development Director, Empower IM Oy, Finland;

16:00   The role of DSO in the evolution of the digital energy system – EDP Distribuição Example

           José Sousa, LV Dispatch and Grid Management Center, EDP Distribuição – Energia, S.A.,  Portugal


AIoTA-3 - Artificial Intelligence and IoT in Agriculture

Room: Auditório 2         Chair: Paulo Moura Oliveira  Co-Chair: Josenalde Barbosa

15:00     Classification of an Agrosilvopastoral System Using RGB Imagery From an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle       

             Luís Pádua, Nathalie Guimarães, Telmo Adão, Pedro Marques, Emanuel Peres, António Sousa and Joaquim João Sousa

15:20     Digital Ampelographer: a CNN based preliminary approach

             Telmo Adão, Tatiana Pinho, António Ferreira, António Sousa, Luís Pádua, José Sousa, Joaquim João, Emanuel Peres and Raul Morais


AICPDES- Artificial Intelligence in Cyber-Physical and Distributed Embedded Systems

Room: Auditório 2        Chair: Thiago Rúbio

15:40     Leveraging Blockchain Smart Contracts Regulation With Agent-Based Markets

             Thiago Rúbio, Zafeiris Kokkinogenis, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Rosaldo Rossetti and Eugénio Oliveira

16:00     Machine learning for radar-based people detection

             José Castanheira, Francisco Curado, Ana Tomé and Edgar Gonçalves


AIEd - Artificial Intelligence in Education

Room: Auditório 1        Chair: Vitor Santos    Co-Chair: Dalila Durães

16:30     Combining Sentiment Analysis Scores to Improve Accuracy of polarity classification in MOOC posts

               Herbert Laroca Pinto and Vitor Rocio

16:50     A Data Mining Approach Applied to the High School National Examination: Analysis of  aspects of candidates to Brazilian Universities  

             Diego Rodrigues, Márcio Lima, Marcos Conceição, Vilson Siqueira and Rommel Barbosa

17:10     Between Clones and Snow-Flakes : Personalization in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

             Francisco Azeiteiro and Manuel Lopes

17:30     Student Attention Evaluation System using Machine Learning for Decision Making

               Dalila Durães


AIPES-3 - Artificial Intelligence in Power and Energy Systems

Room: Aula Magna        Chair: Pedro Faria

16:30     Hyper-Parameter Optimization of Multi-Attention Recurrent Neural Network for Battery State of Charge Forecasting

             Aleksei Mashlakov, Ville Tikka, Lasse Lensu, Aleksei Romanenko and Samuli Honkapuro

16:50     Gradient boosting ensembles for predicting heating and cooling loads in building design

             Leonardo Goliatt, Priscila V. Z. Capriles and Gisele Goulart Tavares

17:10     Short-term streamflow forecasting for Paraíba do Sul river using Deep Learning

             Luciana Campos, Leonardo Goliatt, Tales Fonseca, Gabriel Abreu, Letícia Pires and Yulia Gorodetskaya

17:30     Contextual simulated annealing Q-learning for pre-negotiation of agent-based bilateral negotiations

             Tiago Pinto and Zita Vale

17:50     Fair remuneration of energy consumption flexibility using Shapley value

              Ricardo Faia, Tiago Pinto and Zita Vale





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